Shoulder Arthroplasty

Arthroplasty - Shoulder

1. What is total shoulder replacement?

When the articular surfaces of a shoulder joint are worn out especially due to rheumatoid arthritis or post traumatic arthritis, the worn out surfaces are replaced with metal and plastic implants. It is of two types – total shoulder replacement and reverse total shoulder replacement.

2. who require total shoulder replacement?

Any elderly person suffering with shoulder pain due to arthritis of the shoulder can undergo total shoulder replacement with main goals of achieving pain relief and being able to do routine non strenuous activities.

3. what is hemi shoulder replacement?

Sometimes a person may injure their humeral head badly which is not amenable to fixation or whose humeral head is damaged over time and the other surface – glenoid is good, then only the humeral head is only replaced which is then called hemi shoulder replacement.