HIP Arthroscopy

Arthroplasty - HIP

1. What is Total hip replacement?

When the hip joint surfaces are worn out due to osteoarthritis – primary or secondary or fused, then the surfaces of acetabulum and femoral head are replaced with artificial implants which are made of metal, plastic or ceramic materials.

2. Who would require Hip joint replacement?

Any person suffering with hip pain for a long time with severe osteoarthritis or fused joint which are affecting his activities of daily living, then he must undergo total hip replacement for pain free and active life.

3. How long does it last and what are the types of implants?

Longevity of a replaced hip depends on the type of implants used and bone quality. Ceramic on Ceramic bearings or surfaces of replaced hips last for up to 30 years. Metal on poly lasts for up to 15-20 years and Ceramic on poly between 15 to 25 years. Uncemented implants are preferred over cemented implants if the patient is young and has good bone quality.

4. What are the complications of Hip replacement?

The common complications as per literature are dislocation and infection. But in our hands these complications has been very rare.

5. What is the speciality with your technique?

We perform hip surgery with minimal invasive technique so as to reduce the damage to the surrounding tissues. Restore the native anatomy to the maximum. This helps the patient in getting early recovery from pain and is ambulant on 2nd day after surgery with walker.